B&W Architecture

This Special B&W piece of architecture can be found form Turku, Finland.
There is also some remains of last winter's snow on ground ;-)

Kind of geometrical, but not...confusing, right?

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Dragonstar said...

Not confusing at all... certainly not! What on earth is it?!! Great shapes and patterns, but my eyes will not make sense of the upper part. Maybe if I look long enough it will all suddenly click intp place ;-)

Dragonstar said...

Sorry for the spelling. That should be 'click into place'!

HansHB said...

A great composition, perfect for the B&W theme!

Kenobiitti said...

It is hard to figure out what it it, isn't it?
Well, I'll help you all who are wondering what it is.
It is a building, behind the white pillar you see part of the door which leads inside the building.
I guess this one is filled with apartments of regular people.
It's the kind where groundfloor is open space for car parking and apartments start from second floor.

Googlemap: Kauppiaskatu 1, Turku, Finland