Midday in Tampere, Finland

This one I shoot while my today morning visit to lake Tesoma in Tampere, Finland.
It was just a little after high noon and sun is already going down. Not much llight these days here.
What a great B&W shot with just a little twist of sunlight against flash ;-)

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Dragonstar said...

Excellent photo! Your composition is perfect. It gets dark enough here in the winter, but nowhere near as dark as Finland. It wouldn't suit me, but it makes for brilliantly dramatic photography.

Anonymous said...

nice atmosphere b&w just fits

Anonymous said...

nice atmosphere b&w just fits

HansHB said...

Great B&W photo!
There is no snow here in Trondheim. the rain took it some weeks ago. But, it is very cold. Today -14!

Prairie Jill said...

Oh, this is beautiful! I love the light as the sun starts to go down.