18th Hole...?

This cool scenery can be found at Pärnu, Estonia.
And no, it is not 18th hole, it is changing booth for sunbathers and swimmers.

Pärnu is held as summer capital of Estonia, having lost of visitors during summer time.
I recently visited there and this time of year it is quite quiet. Almost nobody anywhere anymore.

Anyway it was perfect light at perfect beach while I was walking there to find something to shoot.
There is even a rainbow n the photo.
On the other end ot the beach sun was shining it's last minutes of day and on the other end it was raining. Kind of rare siituation to see.

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eileeninmd said...

A beautiful beach and it is wonderful you had it all to yourself. The sky and rainbow are gorgeous. Happy Scenic Sunday!

J Bar said...

Beautiful shot and curious number.
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Karen said...

Amazing light in this capture, I love it!

Dave @ Around Anchorage, Alaska said...

Love this photo!