My World Tuesday XXV

My world last week:
Even more bad weather and snowing :-(

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GreensboroDailyPhoto said...

We always leave a comment to the person who registers for a theme day just before or after us. You registered just before we did. Thank you for sharing the photo of your world!

Arija said...

Your world looks like Christmas, is there anything nicer than that?

Clara said...

We had a little snow on Sunday, but it's melted already. I'm hoping the snow is over for the season. Hope you get to warm up soon.

Louise said...

Maybe cold and drab, but the black-and-white really makes it look interesting; I like it!

Please be so kind to remember to include your country with your name when linking in from the My World site. I fixed it for you this time.

Thanks so much!

chrome3d said...

Se oli silloin mutta nyt on nyt. Kaikki on jo paljon paremmin!